Aluminium and wooden venetian blinds – simple and elegant, the clean lines of these window blinds accentuate any home or office décor. A wide variety of colours and styles is available to suit any environment.

Vertical blinds - Commonly used for sliding doors or large windows - allow the blinds to stack on the left, right or split evenly on both sides.

Roller blinds - A traditional favourite, compact and functional with modern fabrics to suit your needs.  Available in a wide variety of privacy-enhancing, light filtering and blackout fabrics to complete any room.

Bamboo blinds - Offer an exotic, natural and stylish look that adds a rustic feel to any room. Available in various handmade weaves, patterns and materials. Outdoor bamboo blinds available for sun and/or wind protection.

Plaswood blinds – Gives you the real wood-look with added durability at a lower price.  Ideal for rooms and areas with high heat and humidity.


Our superb products complement your home or office furnishings, accentuating décor and improving the outdoor appearance.



We install quality blinds which are made from aluminum, basswood, plaswood, fabric and bamboo - each has it's own specific characteristic making it applicable to a specific use or application or location.

Factors to take into consideration when choosing a blind are:

  • Privacy and light control
  • Durability of the material
  • Where the product will be used
  • How the blind will compliment your interior decor.


Contact us  for expert advise on choosing the right product to address your specific needs! 




Follow thislink to the manufacturer's website for detailed information on all the products, their characteristics and the options available.  We do have samples of all the products in store for you to view.  Feel free to contact us with any questions on these products.